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Custom Gym Training Programs

Custom Strength Training Programs

Our custom prescription strength training programs are based off of the premise that the body you want is athletically superior to the body you have now. (i.e. It is simply capable of doing more, in this case lifting a heavier weight) Before we create your training program we measure your body composition and complete a strength test. We then calculate how strong you need to be to have the body composition that you desire and train to achieve that.

Every month is a completely new training program in which we custom prescribe every weight of every set of every exercise to help you achieve your body composition goals. Strength corresponds directly to body composition therefore strength is what we train for. This progress is usually best achieved training 2 - 4 days per week with limited volume though there are exceptions. The goal is to continually beat your previous performances at every workout delivering constant progress week in, week out.

Our training programs start at just $25 per week.

Alternatively you can upgrade to our full diet and training service including weekly assessments and body composition analysis for just $45 per week. Just $10 per week extra ($55 per week) you can get access to our private gym during selected times for guided training.

As every training program is custom written, please contact us to discuss whether our programs are suitable for your needs.





Our Trainers

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