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Custom Diet Prescription

Custom Sports Nutrition Diets

Unlike most other personal trainers, I am also a sports nutrition specialist with the ISSN (ISSN-SNS) and registered with recomp. As part of my body recomposition specialist insurance I am actually insured to write custom sports nutrition plans and diets down to the gram to help you achieve your personal body composition goals. 

I work with you to build a diet based off of your preferences whilst still meeting your nutritional needs. Options are given, quantities are calculated and you choose what to eat and when.

Our philosophy is quite simple really.... It is to focus on building the body you want rather than wasting away the body you hate. Therefore our diets involve lots of food, no starvation, increased performance and vitality as well as rapid improvements in body composition.

We ideally measure your body composition each week to make informed diet adjustments as part of the diet service. This gives us a tangible result to base intelligent diet adjustments off of.

The full diet and body composition service including weekly face to face (or phone for interstate) assessments and body composition analysis start at just $35 per week.

Alternatively you can upgrade to our full diet and training service including weekly assessments and body composition analysis for just $45 per week. Just $10 per week extra ($55 per week) you can get access to our private gym during selected times for guided training.

As every diet is custom written, please contact us to discuss whether our diets are suitable for your needs.






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